Demolition Activities of Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood

The Destruction of Natural Heritage

The row of cherry blossoms, are planted from a total gate of Taiseki-ji Temple, was able to show splendid every year, and to amuse the citizens and those who visit a shrine.

However, in 1993, High priest NIKKEN has cut down the cherry blossoms that go up to 280 or more trees suddenly.

This was taken up on a large scale as news, and the voice of the protest came out of a nature conservation group and the citizens.

One of the leaders of the ecology movement got indignant. “Cherry blossoms are alive. It is a living thing. Why cherry blossoms were cut is not understood. And, the religion loves Life, isn't it?" And the protest statement was put out to High priest NIKKEN and the priests.

Cutting Sakura trees
Cutting down Sakura trees

Before cutting down