IllegalL Acts Committed by Nichiren Shoshu

Misappropriation of a Temple in Brazil

 In June 1992, Nichiren Shoshu tried to take possession of Ichijoji Temple belonging to SGI-Brazil, the local association which is part of Soka Gakkai International, by convening an unlawful general meeting and arbitrarily appointing their own choice of directors to the temple’s management. Originally, SGI-Brazil bought the land and raised funds for the temple. SGI-Brazil then established a corporate body (NSTB) and management and ownership of the temple transferred to this body whose directors were appointed by SGI-Brazil.

 The Sao Paulo State District Court and the Sao Paulo State High Court both ruled that the general meeting convened by Nichiren Shoshu was null and void. Appeals by the priests to the Federal High Court was subsequently turned down.

The staffs of court got into the Ichijoji Temple which Nichiren Shoshu
tried to take possession belonging to SGI-Brazil.