Nikken and Nichiren Shoshu
Losing Legal Battles in the Supreme Court
 At recent only 3 years, Nichiren Shosyu has received conviction from the Supreme Court over 7 times. Furthermore, as for two cases among those being something due to manager Nikkenn himself injury, it does. These things mean the fact that it becomes the group where Nichiren Shosyu already causes damage to society.

Illegal Acts Committed by Nichiren Shoshu
 Nichiren Shoshu has violated regulations and committed improprieties and alleged illegalities outside of Japan, many of which have been prosecuted by the government, local courts and police authorities. The media in these countries reported on these incidents and gave warnings to the public. The following are cases in which final court rulings have been rendered.

Priests intoxicated in Debauchery and Lechery
 While defiling priests lavishly expend donations from the laity, there appears to be not even a modicum of the spirit that Nikko Shonin elucidated–that one should, in his/her unique way, wholeheartedly devote oneself to the propagation of Nichiren Buddhism

Priests intoxicated in Debauchery and Lechery
 A high priest who mindlessly cut away as many as 280 cherry trees and demolished a significant cultural asset—furious letters of protest were sent from various associations for conservation of nature and federations of construction societies.