IllegalL Acts Committed by Nichiren Shoshu

The Case of the Disguised Temple in South Korea

In South Korea, there was an incident in which the local authorities discovered that Nichiren Shoshu had been operating a building for religious purposes whilst misrepresenting it as a welfare facility.

This concerns a four-story building in the city of Pusan, the country's second largest metropolis. In August 1991, Nichiren Shoshu purchased this building and started renovations for use as a temple. However, their application to the authorities stated that it was to be a welfare facility called Ik Noin dae Hakkyo (Welfare Center for the Elderly).

Local residents later discovered the truth and lodged complaints. The local authorities imposed harsh administrative sanctions, levying a mandatory fine and cutting off water and electricity to the building. The officials also turned down an application from Nichiren Shoshu to re-register the building as a religious facility. As a result, they had to evacuate and sell off the property.

More than 200 enraged local citizens rushed to the site to protest against the illegal temple (from Korean MBC TV), a police car can been seen to the left